God's Window Swellendam Accommodation


Swellendam Luxury Accommodation

Function over form

Godswindow is crisp minimalism expressed as unpretentious luxury. It was designed by Jo'burg based architect, Georg van Gass, in close conjunction with the owner. They worked from the premise of function over form and took their cue from nature.

Swellendam Self-Catering


The resulting structure flows in simple, clean lines from a central living area with an open plan kitchen and walk-in wine cellar to the master bedroom.

It also features a music room and incredible entertainment room, equipped with state of the art BluRay home theater system.

Swellendam Guest Suites

Unpretentious luxury

Across the courtyard are two luxury guest suites that function as exceptional boutique style accommodation for a maximum of 6 exclusive guests.

Beyond the courtyard and the living 16-metre-long solar heated pool, across the vast, rolling lawn lies a lush, forested kloof rising up dramatically to form a cleft in the mountainside. This is Godswindow.